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Lauren Samblanet, FTEH Program and Membership Coordinator, reflects on key takeaways for philanthropy from the 2018 True Colors Fund Summit in October.


In July at the 2018 Funders Institute, attendees gathered to share what they are learning about homelessness prevention, including what it is and how to work effectively with other systems to really end homelessness. The highly interactive day included a panel discussion, speed networking on what we’re each learning in our work,...


At the 2018 Funders Forum, we dove into learning about nation-wide prevention models and pilot programs being launched in communities taking the next step in homelessness prevention.


Passion. Understanding. Curiosity. Intellect. It was all happening in one room during the 2018 Funders Forum

The 2018 Funders Forum was held in Los Angeles in conjunction with the National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness. Seventy individuals representing 34 different foundations and United Ways joined us as we explored philanthropy’s role in preventing and ending family and youth homelessness.

Community Solutions knows that in order to create large scale change, we need to think differently. In this webinar we heard what they learned from the 100,000 Homes and Zero:2016 Campaigns and, specifically, what didn't work.

So far, seven communities have reached functional zero in veteran homelessness and three in chronic homelessness. What does it take for communities to take that last...

Why is the health and housing connection so important? Why did philanthropy get involved? 

Funders Together CEO, Amanda Andere, as she conducted an open conversation with Brittani Manzo and Robert Pulster of USICH about the recent Thought Leadership Convening on Ending Family Homelessness. 

What does it mean to work intersectionally between health and housing in order to address the needs of those experiencing homelessness? Why should health funders invest in housing solutions? 

How will updates to the federal budget effect homelessness programs as well as philanthropy's work to end and prevent homelessness?


“How should we respond?” Funders Together CEO, Amanda Andere, asks the question of philanthropy in light of the recent events in both Charlottesville and Texas.


This year's Funders Institute was held in conjunction with the National Conference on Ending Homelessness in Washington, D.C and followed a new format. In addition to our 1-day Institute, the event continue through the National Conference on Ending Homelessness. Each day featured workshop sessions planned by Funders Together with content and discussion exclusively for private funders. Below is the agenda for the Institute...

In May 2017, Funders Together hosted our Advocacy Update webinar to bring philanthropy up to speed on news around the FY18 budget and other policy issues that affect housing and homelessness issues. With this webinar, the learning continues by putting knowledge to action.


The political world is ever evolving and it is important for philanthropy to stay informed on what is happening and the role it has to play. This webinar focuses on both!