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Funders Together CEO, Amanda Andere, reflects on the mission and work of philanthropy in this post-election phase and what it means to move forward as a collective group as we all work to prevent and end homelessness under a new administration.

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In 2016, San Francisco media outlets coordinated their coverage to shine a light on homelessness in the city. We applaud this effort and hope to help shed a light, not only in San Francisco but nationally, on the real issue: access to safe and affordable housing.


Another budget cycle is upon us, and philanthropy's involvement in understanding the budget process and how to be participate in the budget debate is key to ensuring programs that work to prevent and end homelessness remain adequately funded. Steve Berg, Vice President for Programs and Policy at the National Alliance to End Homelessness, and Martha...

In May 2017, Funders Together hosted our Advocacy Update webinar to bring philanthropy up to speed on news around the FY18 budget and other policy issues that affect housing and homelessness issues. With this webinar, the learning continues by putting knowledge to action.

Why is Funders Together to End Homelessness addressing racial inequity? Our CEO, Amanda Andere, explains how philanthropy's involvement in focusing on the structural issues that cause racial inequity can create a path to truly making sure homelessness is rare, brief, and one-time.


On June 23rd, FTEH Board Member David Wertheimer spoke in Orlando, FL, at The Road Home Breakfast gathering of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.  Still reeling from the shock of the deadly attack against the LGBTQ community at the Pulse nightclub that took 49 young lives and wounded 53 others, the city’s officials nonetheless...


What happens when cities start to declare homelessness as an "emergency"? Where do we go from here? Funders Together Board Member, David Wertheimer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation explores how these declarations can aid the fight to end and prevent homelessness. 


As we've been learning about the many different crises that can catapult a family into homelessness, we've developed a version 2.0 response to family homelessness. What is it?

The amount of legislative activity that is permissible for a section 501(c)(3) organization is dependent upon both the organization’s classification—that is, whether it is a “public charity” or a “private foundation”—and its size.[1] Part I of this memorandum briefly describes the definition of legislative activities (i.e., lobbying) generally. Parts II and III address how much lobbying activity public charities and...

This webinar provides an introduction to the systems approach and identifies ways in which philanthropy can be a catalyst for change in local communities.   

Costs Associated with First-time Homelessness for Families and Individuals, Grantmakers' Toolkit on Ending Homelessness, Linking Human Services and Housing Supports to Address Family Homelessness, Questions to Ask Potential Grantees, Using Data to Get Measurable Results

At Funders Together, we are seeing an encouraging trend: thought leaders working to end homelessness are focusing not on the successes of individual programs, but rather on a systemic approach that addresses the underlying causes of homelessness. A systems approach integrates theory, analysis, stakeholder participation, systems mapping, and identification of high-leverage interventions to help communities uncover the dynamics that can...