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Private foundations have generally played a small role in helping to end veteran homelessness. Yet even small private investments can have tremendous impact.

Additional Veterans Resources

Communities are working tirelessly to reach functional zero in chronic and veteran homelessness. What can philanthropy do to help take the last critical steps to reaching zero?

In December, we asked Beth Sandor from Community Solutions what we need to do differently to create large scale change in homelessness.  She outlined the tools and systems change work that the...

Community Solutions knows that in order to create large scale change, we need to think differently. In this webinar we heard what they learned from the 100,000 Homes and Zero:2016 Campaigns and, specifically, what didn't work.

So far, seven communities have reached functional zero in veteran homelessness and three in chronic homelessness. What does it take for communities to take that last...

The month of November is a unique time to reflect on the many things we at the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) have to be thankful for, including the military service of millions of veterans and active duty, guard and reserve servicemembers.

Ann Sewill, Vice President of Housing & Economic Opportunity at the California Community Foundation, explains the Foundation's recent advocacy work around Los Angeles's Proposition HHH and the outcome of this support from a public-private coalition.


On June 23rd, FTEH Board Member David Wertheimer spoke in Orlando, FL, at The Road Home Breakfast gathering of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.  Still reeling from the shock of the deadly attack against the LGBTQ community at the Pulse nightclub that took 49 young lives and wounded 53 others, the city’s officials nonetheless...

Featured Member: United Way Broward County

Formed in 2013, Funders Together San Diego is comprised of individual philanthropists and grant makers who invest in effective systems change with the goal of ending homelessness throughout San Diego County. The former Homelessness Working Group transitioned from San Diego Grantmakers to become part of the growing group of public and private partners supporting activities to end homelessness in the...

Veteran homelessness is on the decline and ending it can be accomplished, but private funding is needed to fill the gaps that currently exist in programs and services. Will philanthropy answer the call?

How can we better connect the systems serving older adults and people experiencing homelessness?


One year into a new grantmaking initiative focused on women veterans, The Simmons Foundation and United Way of Greater Houston share their lessons learned and hope for the future.

Our homeless veteran population includes individuals who served our country at different times and in different places -- from World War II to recent conflicts. Research shows that veterans who served in Vietnam era are at the greatest risk of homelessness. But veterans who are just returning from conflict often have disabilities such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and traumatic brain...


Reflections on our 2014 Funders Institute

Through Funders Together, we have learned a great deal about the vast needs facing veterans in Houston. Much to our surprise, Houston has the second largest returning-veteran population and there is great need for private philanthropic support, coordination of services, and collaboration among local agencies.

By combining the power of public and private funding with the expertise of programs such as Pathways DC, we have provided a tangible, permanent solution to one of the greatest social shortcomings of our time.

With a scarf and a clipboard, I joined many government officials to conduct a census of people who were spending the night on the street in D.C. with low temperatures in the 30s. 

We must view the issue of veteran homelessness as an ongoing, deeply rooted, and formidable challenge. 

Over the last couple of months, an abundance of useful homelessness resources have become available. These are our recommended reads for funders.

A group of funders in Los Angeles—both philanthropic and public― recently announced a single $42 million Request for Proposals for projects providing housing and supportive services for people identified as chronically homeless. 

Together, we can ensure all our veterans have a home to call their own.

Funders Together is pleased to announce the creation of a new working group for funders focused on veterans homelessness.

Until very recently, homelessness among our veterans has been largely ignored.