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An Emerging Framework for Ending Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness; Ending Homelessness After Foster Care; Los Angeles Convening on Youth Homelessness: Progress, Gaps, Opportunities, Challenges; Identifying and Serving LGBTQ Runaway Youth: Case Studies of Runaway and Homeless Youth Program Grantees

Researchers from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago have released Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in America, a summary of findings from their groundbreaking, multi-component study, Voices of Youth Count, on the extent and nature of youth homelessness in America.

Ann Sewill, Vice President of Housing & Economic Opportunity at the California Community Foundation, explains the Foundation's recent advocacy work around Los Angeles's Proposition HHH and the outcome of this support from a public-private coalition.


Three communities across the nation – Los Angeles, Austin and Cleveland – are currently amid the nation’s first 100-Day Challenge to end youth homelessness. Through these challenges, initiated by A Way Home America (AWHA), philanthropy’s essential role as conveners in our communities and across the nation is clear. Through this work, we continue to learn much...


Initial Learnings from Foundation for Youth Success

Aimee Hendrigan of the Melville Charitable Trust and Sheila Babb Anderson of the Campion Foundation discuss the importance and power of advocacy in ending youth homelessness. 


On June 23rd, FTEH Board Member David Wertheimer spoke in Orlando, FL, at The Road Home Breakfast gathering of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.  Still reeling from the shock of the deadly attack against the LGBTQ community at the Pulse nightclub that took 49 young lives and wounded 53 others, the city’s officials nonetheless...


The launch of Away Home America also kicks off the 100-Day Challenge to end youth homelessness, community by community, and yours can be a part of the movement.


Funders Together CEO, Amanda Andere, attended the White House Policy Briefing on Youth Homelessness held on June 3rd and walked away with some key action items in order to leverage the momentum of those partnering to end youth homelessness.


Members of Foundations for Youth Success (FYS) gathered in Minneapolis April 7th and 8th to learn about the inspiring work happening in the state to end youth homelessness. In this second post in our series, Casey Trupin of the Raikes Foundation reflects on how the convening strengthened his understanding of philanthropy's role in preventing and ending...


Members of Foundations for Youth Success (FYS) gathered in Minneapolis April 7th and 8th to learn about the inspiring work happening in the state to end youth homelessness. Angela D'Orazio of Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland came away from the convening inspired and armed with key takeaways to apply to her foundation's work to...



Youth homelessness is a community-wide issue that demands a community-wide response. Read about what Katie Hong of the Raikes Foundation took away from the most recent Foundations for Youth Success convening in Toronto.

The Palette Fund was launched in 2008 to honor the life and philanthropic legacy of Rand Harlan Skolnick. Founded by Terrence Meck and Peter Benassi, Rand’s partner and his best friend, respectively, the foundation has become a source of support for institutions and leaders working to build healthy and thriving communities. Since its inception, The Palette Fund has provided over...

In 2014, Orange County United Way launched FACE 2024, the community-wide strategy to create a positive future for the next generation of Orange County residents. The plan focuses on long-term solutions to the most critical challenges confronting Orange County children and families. Working with a broad spectrum of leadership throughout the county, goals were established in each of four focus...

We support Opening Doors, the Federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness. 1. To end homelessness, start with a home. 2. Open pathways to meaningful and stable employment to prevent homelessness. 3. Prevent a new generation from becoming homeless.

This webinar provides an overview of our forthcoming community of practice, Foundations for Youth Success

Ending youth homelessness is possible if we work together and learn from each other.

Our vision for this two-year initiative

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Funders from around the country are joining Foundations for Youth Success.

Contact Jennifer Olney at jennifer@funderstogether.org with any additional questions.


Hint: stable housing, great schools, and strong communities are key pillars of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Pacific Northwest initiatives.


Why joining a new community of practice can help funders end and prevent youth homelessness.


Funders Together was thrilled to attend the True Color's Fund's first Forty to None Summit this week, where we talked about philanthropy's role in ending LGBTQ youth homelessness.  


America’s young people could have a safer, more secure, and much brighter tomorrow if philanthropy and government collaborated to invest in five key areas. (Part 2 of 2)


America’s young people could have a safer, more secure, and much brighter tomorrow if philanthropy and government collaborated to invest in five key areas. (Part 1 of 2)


Reflections on our 2014 Funders Institute


By harnessing the power of New England's technology ecosystem to source, screen, and fund social innovation, TUGG is supporting Youth Harbors, a program for homeless, unaccompanied high school students.


The California Wellness Foundation and The California Homeless Youth Project discuss the need for data and what philanthropy can do about it.

In 2013 the Melville Charitable Trust—the largest foundation in the United States exclusively devoted to preventing and ending homelessness—announced a new grantmaking strategy. In this interview, Executive Director Janice Elliott talks about the work that has helped define their renewed approach and the valuable lessons learned that have brought clarity to the role that the Trust and other foundations can...


USICH has been instrumental in our efforts to rethink the systems that have allowed homelessness to persist.


We are excited for 2014!  Here's a look at what we're doing and how you can plug in.


With limited resources and increasing demand, we have to think about prevention. 

Data on youth homelessness is notoriously lacking.  We need better data to understand the scale of the problem and our progress toward solving it.

Because of the generosity of Barbara and Al Siemer, a collaboration of 23 United Ways is sharing best practices and collecting and assessing data that will lead to a better understanding of homelessness and its impact on children.

What happens when you bring together more than 900 of the nation’s leading players in the work of ending family and youth homelessness from the non-profit, government, advocacy and philanthropic sectors?

At this week’s NAEH 2013 Conference on Ending Family & Youth Homelessness, Funders Together hosted several events as part of our Networking Series: Where Catalytic Philanthropy Begins With Conversation. 

All of us should cringe when we hear the words “youth” and “homelessness” joined together. No society, least of all ours, should tolerate a system which allows our young to be discarded, victimized or left to live on the streets.  

A few years ago I was stopped on a freeway off-ramp on my way to a meeting in downtown Seattle.  As I sat there, I noticed a group of homeless people gathered under the overpass.  Then I saw something that shook me.

A seminal study established the link between childhood trauma and poor health outcomes in adulthood.

Philanthropy needs to play a role in order for us to achieve the goals in Opening Doors.