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October 2016 Member News You Can Use


AA_Headshot.jpgThis is the season for philanthropy to use its voice! Some funders have been doing just that by being engaged in local advocacy such as in Los Angeles. In light of the Proposition HHH on the November 8th ballot, Funders Together to End Homelessness-Los Angeles member organizations have been involved in various ways to support the City of LA to identify revenue sources to meet their goal of building 10,000 new PSH units in the next 10 years. Some members have provided support toward polling and education efforts led by local organizations such as United Way’s Home For Good and inter-faith group LA Voice, while others have provided direct campaign support based on the less restrictive legal limitations of their tax status.

Meanwhile, Funders Together has been actively engaging in meetings at the White House to talk about public-private partnerships and our Administration transition priorities. We’ve also been examining and supporting efforts to delay the sunset of USICH as its work is critical to the movement. As we move towards the upcoming election and beyond, we understand there is much work to be done. We are here as your resource for ways to leverage advocacy efforts at all levels and to support your work to prevent and end homelessness.  





Why We Must Address Racial Inequity In Our Efforts To End Homelessness
Amanda Andere, Funders Together CEO



Govt_officials_and_Eric_Tars.jpg   To End Homelessness, We Must End the Criminalization of It
Maria FoscarinisNational Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty

work_boots_(1).jpeg    Dignity and Security: A Job and a Home
David Wertheimer, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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How Would Terminating USICH Affect Efforts to End Homelessness?

In the Urban Institute's final report on USICH, 50+ stakeholders who were interviewed "considered USICH an important part of a highly effective performance-driven partnership and argued that terminating USICH could slow down efforts to end homelessness." We encourage you to read and share with national, state, and local contacts to help spread the word about the important work USICH has accomplished and what its sunset could mean to our collective work.

Advocacy for Funders: The Legal Limitations on Lobbying
Funders can and should be advocates for policies and funding streams that can end and prevent homelessness. This resource can help you understand the legal restrictions on private foundations’ advocacy efforts.


1453516951.png    Affordable Housing Trust Fund legislation and mandatory workforce housing ordinance supported by Miami Homes for All has passed! We are excited by and proud of the great advocacy work done by Miami Homes for All in the Miami-Dade area. 

2590559848_f3b9e54b4c.jpg    Vets, families escape homelessness through Rapid Re-Housing

57e43899c0b8e.image.jpg    Alliance Healthcare Foundation awards $1 million to Interfaith Community Services
Seaside Courier

crop_poverty-797948_1920_(1).jpg    Why this national funder is giving a boost to LA's fight against homelessness
Inside Philanthropy


Letter to the Editor: Helping Homeless Students
Los Angeles Times

la-1476810101-snap-photo.jpg    A fix for LA's homeless crisis isn't cheap. Will voters go for $1.2 billion in borrowing?
Los Angeles Times


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