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September 2017 Member News You Can Use


As federal budget talks continue, philanthropy needs to be diligent in understanding its role in ensuring programs that affect homelessness and intersecting issues are addressed and receive adequate funding. This month, we've worked with our partners to understand where we are in the budget process and what we should keep an eye on. Below are various resources to help guide your understanding and discussions around this topic. 

In addition to budget negotiations, we've been keeping a close eye on the attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through the Graham-Cassidy bill. As of now, it appears that this bill did not have the support to go to the floor for a vote, which is a welcome update. However, it is important for philanthropy to stay informed and updated should these talks continue into next year as a repeal would have significant ramifications for efforts to prevent and end homelessness. In the meantime, philanthropy can play an important role in helping their community make the connection between health and housing stability and engage healthcare partners. We encourage you to learn more on our upcoming webinar on Monday, October 16th: Engaging Healthcare Partners to Advocate for Housing



Five Things Funders Should Know About The Federal Budget


Webinar Recording: What Funders Need To Know - The Federal Budget
On Thursday, September 14, experts from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, National Alliance to End Homelessness, and National Health Care for the Homeless Council provided an update on what they know about the federal budget, what to keep an eye on, and how philanthropy can be engaged. 

Policy Priorities for the New Administration Resource Page
We believe philanthropy has a voice in addressing homelessness and advancing solutions with the Presidential administration. As Funders Together to End Homelessness continues to work with this administration, together with our national partners we are focused on continuing to make preventing and ending homelessness a bi-partisan priority. This resource page outlines our policy priorities for the administration and Congress as well as additional partner and member resources to help inform your work.

Why The Federal Budget Matters and What To Do About It
Another budget cycle is upon us, and philanthropy's involvement in understanding the budget process and how to be participate in the budget debate is key to ensuring programs that work to prevent and end homelessness remain adequately funded. In this blog, Steve Berg, Vice President for Programs and Policy at the National Alliance to End Homelessness, and Martha Toll, Executive Director at the Butler Family Fund dive into why the budget matters and what to do about it.

Member Resource from Melville Charitable Trust - Stand Up, Speak Up: Three Resources For Getting Involved in the Budget Debates Today
Melville Charitable Trust Executive Director, Janice Elliott, outlines how national partners are speaking out against proposed federal budget cuts and highlights opportunities to get involved.
This chart provides an overview of where the current and proposed federal budget stands with funding homelessness programs.

This blog post by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities outlines why the federal budget needs to increase in order to address the growing needs of programs and services utilized by marginalized populations.

Partner Resource from United Philanthropy Forum - Statement on Republican Tax Reform Plan
United Philanthropy Forum President and CEO, David Biemesderfer, tackles the issues with the Republican tax reform plan, Unified Framework for Fixing Our Broke Tax Code, and how it will affect charitable giving in the years to come. 


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