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Our programming is designed to connect and educate funders who are working to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness throughout the United States. Our events and webinars provide you with the opportunity to develop strategic relationships, exchange valuable information, and highlight your work.

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  • Thursday, December 14, 2017 at 01:00 PM · 28 rsvps
    Webinar: What We Need to Do Differently to Create Large Scale Change in Homelessness

    Webinar: What We Need to Do Differently to Create Large Scale Change in Homelessness

    Community Solutions knows that in order to create large scale change, we need to think differently. Join this webinar to hear what they learned from the 100,000 Homes and Zero:2016 Campaigns and, specifically, what didn't work.

    So far, seven communities have reached functional zero in veteran homelessness and three in chronic homelessness. What does it take for communities to take that last big step to reach functional zero? Beth Sandor is leading the Built for Zero movement and will share what she's seen in communities that have reached functional zero and those struggling to take the last step. She will share her vision of treating homelessness as a complex, solvable problem, and how moving from static to dynamic data is key to identifying and addressing challenges as they arise.

    Along the way, hear how philanthropy can be engaged in this framework and help communities end homelessness for all populations.

    This is the first in a two-part series. In part two, we will hear directly from two communities that have reached zero – one in chronic and the other in veteran homelessness.

  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 08:30 AM · $150.00 USD · 9 rsvps
    Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites, Los Angeles, CA

    2018 Funders Forum


    Registration for the 2018 Funders Forum, held in conjunction with the National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness, is now open! 


    Across the country funders are working to end homelessness for families, and for youth and young adults. As we work to implement best practices and identify innovative and effective solutions, we must look at the system as a whole and ask ourselves “can we really end homelessness for families or for youth and young adults without considering larger issues such as racial equity?”

    Join us at this year’s Funders Forum to meet other funders working to end homelessness in their communities and nationally. Together, we will hear from communities and funders who are looking at things differently and addressing systemic issues and intersections that will be key to our success in ultimately ending homelessness for everyone.

    As always, the Funders Forum will be an invaluable opportunity to connect with funder peers from across the country. This year, we are excited to offer even more opportunities for discussion and sharing, and concrete ideas for you to turn conversations to action in your own work.

    As we convene in Los Angeles, we are also thrilled to partner with Funders Together Los Angeles and hear about how they have been coming together for years to learn about and implement best practices.

    More information including agenda and speakers coming soon! 

    If you are able to attend the National Alliance to End Homelessness' full National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness, remember to register as soon as possible! Registration will close early.

We joined Funders Together because we believe in the power of philanthropy to play a major role in ending homelessness, and we know we have much to learn from funders across the country.

-Christine Marge, Director of Housing and Financial Stability at United Way of Greater Los Angeles

I am thankful for the local partnerships here in the Pacific Northwest that we’ve been able to create and nurture thanks to the work of Funders Together. Having so many of the right players at the table makes our conversations – and all of our efforts – all the richer and more effective.

-David Wertheimer, Deputy Director at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Very often a lack of jobs and money is not the cause of poverty, but the symptom. The cause may lie deeper in our failure to give our fellow citizens a fair chance to develop their own capacities, in a lack of education and training, in a lack of medical care and housing, in a lack of decent communities in which to live and bring up their children.

-President Lyndon B. Johnson, 1964 State of the Union Address

Funders Together has given me a platform to engage the other funders in my community. Our local funding community has improved greatly to support housing first models and align of resources towards ending homelessness.

-Leslie Strnisha, Vice President at Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

Our family foundation convenes local funders and key community stakeholders around strategies to end homelessness in Houston. Funders Together members have been invaluable mentors to us in this effort, traveling to our community to share their expertise and examples of best practices from around the nation.

-Nancy Frees Fountain, Managing Director at The Frees Foundation

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