A national network of funders supporting strategic, innovative, and effective solutions to homelessness

Funders Together to End Homelessness is the only national network of grantmakers working to end and prevent homelessness.

We believe that we can end homelessness and philanthropy plays a critical role.

Be a Catalytic Funder

Catalytic funders working to end homelessness focus not on the successes of individual programs, but rather on a systemic approach that addresses the underlying causes. They know that housing-based solutions combined with the right supports can end homelessness, so they so they invest in evidence-based best practices. They take risks to discover innovative solutions. And they raise the bar for everyone else. Using our Funder Resources can help start and expand your efforts as you focus on being catalytic.

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Collaborate with Others

No funder has the resources to end homelessness alone. Funders can play a powerful role in convening diverse stakeholders, facilitating system-wide collaboration, and identifying key gaps in homelessness systems. Collaborating speeds up the learning process and enables funders to take a strategic, systems-change approach to ending homelessness. There is power in philanthropy speaking with one voice. Through our programming, you can learn, share, and collaborate at both the local and national level.


Be a Voice for Change

Funders are more than just a checkbook. Philanthropic dollars are small when compared to government funding, but through advocacy funders can build support for new approaches and strategic shifts. Foundations can help reduce policy barriers, leverage funds, and create bridges between different systems to have a real impact on ending homelessness. We can help you learn how to best use your voice and influence to impact change locally and nationally.


From The Blog

Foundations for Racial Equity: Forging New Relationships to Address Inequity and Injustice in Homelessness and Housing

Jun 29, 2021

On June 8-10, thirty-four funders from across the United States gathered virtually to kick off the second Foundations for Racial Equity (FRE) community of practice. We came together to forge new relationships, learn about the work that others are doing related to racial equity and ending homelessness, and to articulate goals that we want to work toward over the next two years. 


Reflections on Measure J’s Success: A Charter Amendment to Advance Racial Equity in Los Angeles

May 26, 2021

Measure J passed in California on November 2020, signaling a critical win in a long-fought battle for greater equity and reform by local advocates. The measure’s campaign was built and executed by BIPOC-led organizations who have been working for over a decade to transform our justice system and reverse structural racism’s long-term devastation of poor communities of color. 


Announcing the participants in Foundations for Racial Equity

Apr 29, 2021

Learning with others and building relationships is at the heart of creating change. Funders Together is excited to announce the thirty funders in our second Foundations for Racial Equity community of practice who will work together to advance racial equity in their homelessness and housing work.