A national network of funders supporting strategic, innovative, and effective solutions to homelessness

Homelessness is a complex issue but it is not an unsolvable problem. Until recently, responses to homelessness largely served to manage the problem rather than end it. Dramatic increases in the 1980s, coupled with the lack of affordable housing, meant that emergency shelters necessarily focused on giving people a place to sleep for the night. But, while access to temporary shelter is a very important part of the public safety net for people in crisis, we know that it doesn't prevent or end homelessness.

You, as both funder and community partner, have an important role to play in promoting, sustaining, and amplifying the movement to end and prevent homelessness.

We know what works: housing-based solutions combined with the right supports.

Your role is to be catalytic, to not only make effective grants but to help lead our communities towards the necessary systems changes that must accompany what works.


How You Can Create Systems to End and Prevent Homelessness

Housing is Key 

Promote housing-based solutions with access to supportive services that are integrated into our communities as the primary investment for ending homelessness

Recruit Partners 

Initiate and participate in strategic partnerships among funders, policymakers, and business leaders, as well as advocates and providers

Think Upstream 

Support effective prevention strategies, such as institutional discharge planning employment training, substance abuse counseling, and family reunification

Share the Vision 

Raise awareness of homelessness and existing plans to end homelessness while building support for long-term strategies locally and nationally

Build Knowledge 

Support research, data collection, and pilot projects to identify effective, evidence-based approaches for serving people experiencing homelessness

Be a Change Agent 

Promote systems change--breaking down the silos among programs that get us stuck--and work to address the underlying causes of homelessness

Follow the Money 

Leverage national policy and financial support for these efforts because we need both government and philanthropy dollars to end homelessness

Promote Mainstreaming 

Help remove barriers – eligibility, capacity, or otherwise – that prevent individuals and families from accessing mainstream services once they become housed

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  • Mark Graham
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    My name is. Mark Graham I’m the Executive Director of The Redemption Center Inc. Presently located in Brooklyn NY. Visit our website Www.theredemptioncenter.net. We provide Transitional housing for men whom are formerly incarcerated. I’m an ad ament supporter of taking a bite out of crime and ending homeless .
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